District Library Levy

Dear Editor,

I would like to respectfully request that all voting citizens strongly consider voting in favor of the five year, 1-mill operating levy in support of the Belmont County District Library in the upcoming general election which is to take place on Nov. 5, 2013.

The Belmont County District Library, whose main base of operation is the Martins Ferry Public Library with branches in Bethesda, Bridgeport, Flushing, Powhatan Point and Shadyside is seeking an operating levy for the first time in the library’s 83 year existence, due to a 35 percent funding reduction over the previous several years from traditional sources, primarily on the state level, due to fewer funds being made available for such worthwhile endeavors as a result of recent economic challenges.

Serious cut-backs have already been made in the local library system, but as a result of a significant amount of monies no longer available, it has been determined that in order to maintain the libraries’ viability in an economy that continues to face numerous serious challenges the passage of the aforementioned levy is most critical.

If the levy is passed, the cost to the district’s homeowners would be $35 per year, which averages out to approximately 9.5 cents per day for those homeowners whose properties are valued at $100,000; and for those whose homes that are valued at $50,000, their yearly contribution would be $17.50, or less than five cents per day. The aforementioned serves as a reference as to what an area homeowners’ contribution is projected to be.

Such should not be considered solely as an added tax burden, but rather as an inexpensive investment in our homes and our children and grandchildren’s, present and future.

As a frequent “visitor” at the Martins Ferry Public Library, I am very much impressed by the library as an irreplaceable and much needed community resource.

As a member of the Martins Ferry Hall of Honor Committee, I am grateful that library officials have been quite gracious in allowing the plaques of our inductees to be on display and that our committee meetings are held in the library’s auditorium.

I compliment Ms. Yvonne Myers, director of the district’s library system, and her excellent and very professional staff for their outstanding service to the community.

Please keep in mind that only those living in the aforementioned library district will be affected. Those living in Barnesville, Bellaire and St. Clairsville, not being part of the Belmont County Library District, will not be impacted by the levy.

Having a good and up-to-date public library is an invaluable community asset whose positive impact on its residents is undeniable.

Please ensure that these area treasures will continue to meet the needs of our residents and support the Belmont County District Library with an “affirmative” vote on November 5!

Thank You.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry