Fiscal Crisis


During the last council meeting, a normally soft voice was trumpeting the warning calls to the village council. There was mention of the unfunded mandates, fiscal condition of the village as well as a host of other topics.

The one number that struck a chord was the proposed fiscal negative in Bellaire for 2014. That negative was in excess of $400,000.

This should be of grave concern to everyone in the village of Bellaire, Ohio. When your village officials release large negative numbers like this you need to take notice people of Bellaire, Ohio.

This is not ‘chump change’. In fact, according to the village officials, the county called Bellaire in to ‘check the numbers’ again due to the large negative.

I have been attending council meetings for years in Bellaire. I have heard and seen almost every variation of emotion, effect and stance. I believe we need to take note when the people who do the numbers are trumpeting the warning calls.

Ignoring them is paramount to allowing it to happen. Hiding your head in the sand when tough decisions come up is not an option here. We need a course of action, a plan, an idea, SOMETHING that will move us back to a responsible fiscal condition in Bellaire.

This is just the way it has to be. Council (legislative) and the village staff (administrative) need to come up with a good plan to keep this from pushing our village into a fiscal emergency in the near future.

Dan Brown