Humanitarian War

Dear Editor:

I am a veteran of both the Army and the Navy but, as I have stated many times, I am also a pacifist. I do not support the killing of anyone.

There is only one exception to my opposition to the use of military action, and is why I am a military veteran, and that is to prevent the killing of human beings. I am proud America took the lead in ending World Wars One and Two.

I taught history, and so I am well aware of the slaughter of human beings, for whatever imperial, religious, or just pure evil reason. In my life time more people have been killed by war than all other times combined through out history.

Because over 100,000 people have been murdered, including tens of thousands of women and children, in the Syrian Civil War, I believe we should take action, even military force if that is the only way, to stop this horrible carnage in Syria. This is especially true now that the Assad regime has used weapons of mass destruction.

People of good will can not stand by and allow weapons of mass destruction or genocide to occur any where in the world.

We certainly can not stop every murderous act, but we must step up and try to stop mass killing and the use of weapons of mass destruction.

To those who say we should have acted sooner in Syria and therefore we shouldn’t act now, or we souldn’t get involved any more in the Middle East caldron, I say what about all those tens of thousands of deaths that we could and must prevent?

It is our duty because we are humanitarians, and we have the ability to stop it.

Let us hope the President’s limited military action plan will force all sides to negotiate peace.

Bill Bryant

St. Clairsville