Leadership Void


I wish to start by saying I am proud to be an American citizen and I am proud of my country. I am proud of its military history from the Revolution thru Afghanistan. I am proud I was able to serve in the military. I am proud of the political history and how well the Constitution has worked. I am proud of what all my country has accomplished in two hundred plus years of existence. Yes my country has made mistakes. However on the world stage my country owes no one, I repeat, no one, an apology. I want to make it clear I am definitely not a man without a country.

Unfortunately my feelings regarding the current president are very different. I cannot respect a man whose political career began in the cesspool of Chicago politics and who associated with people like Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright. I cannot respect a man who lacks any semblance of leadership and that is coupled with complete incompetence. He leads by coercion, threats and bribery. A real leader takes responsibility and doesn’t blame others for his problems and failures. To other world leaders he is a joke. How can I respect a man who has no regard for the Constitution he swore to protect? What is there to respect about a man who uses the FBI, NSA and IRS to punish those who oppose his policies or lack thereof? How can I trust a president whose half-brother, Malik Obama is considered the architect of the investment strategy for the Muslim Brotherhood? This is not comic relief like the Billy Carter situation. This raises a lot of serious questions. Can anyone honestly respect someone who considers the death of four Americans, caused by his incompetence and the State Department headed up by another incompetent, a phony scandal.

This is absolutely disgusting and it turns my stomach. The only thing phony in this situation is the current president. From my viewpoint he is an empty suit, a non-entity. I am told I should at least respect the office and I agree. However this man has contaminated the presidency to the point where I can’t mentally separate the man from the office. Simply stated I am a man without a president. Maybe some day, God willing, we may again be blessed with a real president with real leadership.

C. Richard Michael

St. Clairsville