Shadyside Levy

Dear Editor,

On Sept. 15, Mr. Haswell concluded a letter to the editor by stating that before you write a letter consult him.

Article I of the Constitution of the United States allows freedom of speech without consulting anyone to express your opinion right or wrong.

I wish to set the gist of our phone conversation right, when I suggested publishing the financial report, I specified a total report, income and all expenses, as is done in Indiana, disclosing all financial data, I did not request each individual’s salary. Accounting requires full disclosure, so as to make an accurate assessment, not one given to suit ones purpose only. In regards to going on the internet we are being led to believe only those with computers are entitled to get the information. School officials, school board members, must not lose sight of the fact that they are answerable to the taxpayers not the teachers, taxpayers are entitled to the information even those without computers. Years ago, the school districts published a report, which was as clear as mud, the idea was to make it a useless report. Indiana’s report is in laymens language, disclosing the categories of expenditures in proper accounting format.

I did force Mr. Haswell to release figures which was my aim. I am not required to attend any meeting before exercising my freedom of speech. The figures released regarding taxes are similar to telling you it costs a quarter a day, not ninety-one dollars and twenty-five cents a year.

Vote your pocket book, but before you vote consider that levies will continue to put on the ballot until the voters unite and force the state to revise school funding per order of the Supreme Court of Ohio. Write or call your state elected officials regardless of party and tell them its time to revise education to a fairer and equal opportunity for all of our students, not “haves” verses “have nots.” We are no longer at the top of the world in education, look around and see who holds a good many of our top career positions.

In closing, I would like to say I did not use personal names as I was led to believe years ago was the ground rule; but, I guess it has been rescinded. I sent to get information, which I did get some although not very enlightening. I will continue to write letters without clearance expressing my opinion right or wrong.

Alfred Tellitocci