Bellaire Levy

Dear Editor,

This is Katie Mosa, a sixth grade student at Bellaire Middle School and I am asking you – The Voters – again to Vote “Yes” on Bellaire Local School Levy. Here are some reasons why:

We have great teachers. We have a nice building and all the money raised in fundraiser go towards things for the students to use. But we can’t get all the money we need from fundraiser, we need YOUR help to pass the levy so that we can continue our education. The money isn’t extra for the teachers, it goes for other things like a police officer to guard the doors so no one can get in that isn’t supposed to, and to educate us for our future.

Just because we have fundraisers it doesn’t mean we don’t need more money.

Please Help… VOTE “YES” on the Bellaire Local Schools Levy For Our Future.

Thank You.

Katie Mosa

Sixth Grade Student

Bellaire Middle School