Below Average


On Tuesday, Oct. 8 Times Leader an article appeared titled “UNITED STATES ADULTS SCORE BELOW AVERAGE ON TESTS.”

The test compared the United States with Japan, Canada, Australia, Finland and many other countries in the fields of mathematics, reading and problem-solving.

Simply put, our son and daughter recently hosted two (high school) students from Finland and Germany through the International Student Exchange Program. Through those students you see why their countries lead the United States. But they do have a huge advantage. They go home to a country with universal health care, and an educational system the people and the countries leaders support.

On the other hand, why we Americans score below all these countries is evident if you read the content of recent letters to editor titled “SHUTDOWN” and “TEA PARTY” among others; and by The Times Leader’s frequent guest commentaries by Republicans Gibbs, Thompson and Johnson. An example of which is Gibbs’ Oct. 12 miasmic mantra characterizing the present political debacle.

Gene Campbell