Dear Editor,

So, the Martins Ferry Board of Education doesn’t see fit to permit Martins Ferry voters to use the school campus as a polling place. Talk about an insult and biting the hand that feeds you.

Voters, as you’re trekking to Colerain to cast your votes, please remember this the next time the school comes to you with their hands out for a levy or a school board member seeks re-election. I would bet is a levy were on the ballot, not only would the school be a polling place, there would be shuttle service and coffee and doughnuts compliments of the Martins Ferry School District.

Those were pretty much the tactics when they were shoving the new school down our throats for the fourth time. Apparently, since the school doesn’t have a “horse in this race,” it is okay to say, in your face. We don’t owe you anything.”

I would like to see referendum on the ballot regarding using Martins Ferry Schools as a polling place. Put the power back into the hand of the people.

Linda Pockl

Martins Ferry