Buckeye BOE

Dear Editor

There is crowded field of 12 running for 3 seats on the Buckeye Local Board of Education.

I am supporting Dirk Pielech.

Dirk is a 17-year Postmaster, experienced in every area of administration, management, finance, and safety. He is a college graduate working towards his Master’s Degree.

Dirk has a proven record of problem solving and in making positive improvements. Importantly, he is one of only 3 candidates with children presently attending Buckeye Local schools. But, he is not doing this for personal gain. Mr. Pielech IS doing this for every student, for every family, and for every town. He passionately believes in equality and fairness for everyone.

Dirk is a independent voice, and he will NEVER be just another “Yes Man.” He pledges to see that money is not wasted. Dirk has been involved with the Buckeye Local Elementary Sports Programs for several years.

He believes that Buckeye Local can Do Better!

If you agee, then please join me in supporting and voting to elect Dirk Pielech to the Buckeye Local Board of Education.

Thank you.

B.L. Dye