Cash for BOE


I have proudly served the Bridgeport School District for the past 16 years. I was honored in 2012, named the Outstanding Ohio School Board Member representing the Southeast Region by the Ohio School Boards Association. I am a 1975 graduate of BHS and having a positive effect on our school district is very fulfilling. The work put into the renaissance of our district made my decision to run for the school board again a simple one. I want to continue to be a part of the team that leads our district as it attains its goals and continues to move forward. I feel my experience as a board member the past 16 years will continue to be an asset to its future successes.

My goals for the board are to continue the progress that has taken place. The Bridgeport School District has made great strides in becoming the county leader in many facets of education. The most prominent being our extremely strong technological presence. Our technology gives our students an undeniable edge as they move forward academically. The board, administration and especially our staff has bought into the vision that the students of our district are given the opportunity to be prepared to enter the computer based world we now live in. The programs we have put in place are showing academic dividends. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic are the foundations of education, and strong focus must continue in these areas. Our teachers combine the technological and academic tools they are provided and the results are significant.

The Bridgeport School District has been identified as a School of Promise for its outstanding results by the Ohio Department of Education. Our District Leadership team was recently recognized by a worldwide education symposium that took place in Hong Kong. The results of their hard work: The Bridgeport Exempted Schools won The International Alliance for Invitational Education Association’s Inviting School Award. Our District was the only school in the United States to be awarded this prestigious honor.

During the time I have been on the board, fiscal responsibility is and always has been a very high priority in the decision making process. You have my commitment that if re-elected this will continue to be a priority.

A number of impactful moments have occurred in my tenure as a board member: 1) the district eliminated a debt to the Ohio Schools Loan fund of over 1.3 million dollars. This was achieved with the support of the citizens of our district who passed a levy to allow this to happen. 2) Not long after that our district was presented an opportunity to upgrade our facilities by the State of Ohio. The citizens of our district again stepped forward after a long campaign was conducted by the board and administration to properly inform them of the benefits of their financial commitment. The result is our current state of the art campus. 3) During the property acquisition phase of this project, the board determined that the former Big Bear site was the best location and after the district won litigation with the former owners, the board was able to return over $350,000 in the form of a levy reduction to our citizens. 4) We have since refinanced the bonds that the school district currently has in place for additional savings to our taxpayers. 5) Our district is now in the midst of an energy reduction program. Our maintenance staff and administration are teaming with a contractor doing heating and electrical analysis on all of our facilities. The district is already seeing impactful results. 6) Establishment of a school bus maintenance program sharing services with the county MRDD program has resulted in substantial savings YTD 7) Reduction of our open enrollment deficit, which saw the monies assigned for a student’s education follow to the school they attend. We now have more students entering the district than leaving; the elimination of this deficit is significant to our bottom line. 8) Establishment of a Pre-School built with a secured grant directly ties into the resolution of our open enrollment issue. Our students are starting and finishing at the Bridgeport Schools. 9) Maintenance and upgrades of our athletic facilities including lighting, field house roof, painting, field re-sodding, and gymnasium refinishing, just to highlight the major projects. These were done with monies from the Permanent Improvement Fund provided to us by the citizens. All of our facilities, both educational and athletic are maintained at the highest standard, they are an outstanding representation to all visitors of our district. We often hear many compliments on our facilities. These standards were established many years ago and are still in place today. 10) Our interaction with the total community, business government, and personal, resulted in the building of the Irene Ehni Softball Field and an outdoor basketball complex. These were all built with private monies.

None of the successes could have taken place without a lot of hard work by a lot of people. We have been a very strong team and I am very proud to have been a part of that team. In closing, I would like to continue to represent this district as a school board member, Thanks for all of your support, it is very much appreciated!

Don Cash