Dear Village Residents:

Bridgeport Village Councils during my boyhood solved their problems with the help of a large tax base supported by a business base of Scott Lumber, Clevite, a Box Factory, a Dairy, Bridgeport Auto, Bridgeport Armature, Wilson Funeral Home, Three Gaynor’s, Bridgeport Eagles, Western Auto, Evans Monument Company, A & P Grocery, Mitchell’s Grocery, Jim’s Drive Inn, the Family Theater, etc… With the economy heading in a downward spiral, now is the time to spend wisely, save as much money as possible, and work together to avoid spending a penny more than necessary. Councils in the past have worked through the great depression, recessions, and an ever changing work environment and managed to keep our town out of more debt than it could afford.

I was born and raised in Bridgeport, a paperboy for six years, graduated from St. Anthony’s School, St. John Central School, and Ohio University with a bachelor of science of Education degree; nine years as a teacher and coach in Buckeye Local School System, and 20 years a building contractor. I am asking for your vote in the upcoming Nov. 5 village election with my pledge to work for the best interest of the men, women, and children of our town as my greatest concern. Hopefully the new members of council will be able to join together and seek out grants for the many necessary improvements that are needed to help in updating our aging infrastructure. The mandated EPA surface water construction project and the re-construction of the Marion Street bridge next year should result in a major infusion of money into our business economy.

As your councilman there will be many issues needing attention, five of which will be part of my ongoing concerns: (A) I will work with council to re-establish the principle that all positions opening for employment with the village will be advertised. (B) My next goal is to work with the mayor, council, employees of the village along with concerned citizens to establish a workable funded seven year fiscal plan that would be set up to provide for a yearly rotation of funding for street improvements. (C) By supporting our police and fire departments, we will be making our town a safer place for everyone, especially our children and elderly. (D) Work with the various departments so that Tax dollars coming into the village will be accounted for, and all necessary funding will be made as part of a balanced fiscal plan. (E) Support our schools and local businesses, and come together as a community so we can continue to be Proud of our town.


H. James Brubach