Jefferson JVS

Dear Editor,

The Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) strongly encourages residents to vote for Jefferson County Joint Vocational School District’s (JVSD) 1 mill levy on Nov. 5. The ballot issue will allow the district to continue to provide an outstanding education to children in your community.

Jefferson County JVSD receives more than two-thirds of its funding from the state and is in need of local support. It has been nearly 20 years since the district had a levy approved for new operating funds; the JVSD has worked hard over the years to stretch its dollars and offer quality career-technical education options for students. But, as a result of funding challenges, Jefferson County JVSD has been forced to eliminate programs, reduce staff, delay repairs, suspend the purchase of lab equipment, and limit the purchase of supplies and materials.

The district is now at the point where there is little left to cut. Further cost reductions would negatively impact the training students need to be successful in the workplace. With the estimated average home value in the area being $70,000, the JVSD’s levy would cost the typical homeowner less than $25 a year. This funding will go a long way toward helping Jefferson County JVSD. It will allow the district to pursue necessary improvements, such as updating equipment, renovating classrooms, improving facilities, and upgrading security and fire alarms.

The levy will allow the JVSD to focus on what it does best: helping students succeed. Jefferson County JVSD prepares students for career fields ranging from law enforcement to health care to computer science. As the workforce in Ohio and the U.S. transforms to meet the needs of the global economy, career-technical training has never been more important in your community. JVSD students graduate high school with real-world training and skills that allow them to enter the local workforce, and in turn, contribute to the local economy.

Communities are only as strong as their schools, but a high-quality, comprehensive public education is only possible with your support. By voting for this levy, you are helping Jefferson County JVSD maintain excellence and ensuring a bright future for children in your community. That’s why on Nov. 5, OSBA urges residents to vote FOR the school district’s levy. It is a wise and much-needed investment in your schools and community.

Richard Lewis

Executive director

Ohio School

Boards Association