Dear Editor

As a former steelworker who has seen the effects of unfair trade on our local economy I am troubled as I watch what the Kasich Administration has done to Ormet.

As a Congressman John Kasich voted to outsources our jobs to China. As our Governor, Kasich is responsible for Ormet’s closure and he has done nothing to bring back steel jobs in the valley.

Governor Kasich has tried to say that their is an Ohio “Miracle” when it comes to Ohio’s economy. He and his friends at JobsOhio have tried to convince Ohioans that the economy is turning around. My question to governor is where was the Miracle when it came to saving the jobs at Ormet?

Recently the Ormet CEO in an interview stated that Governor Kasich would not meet with him or discuss saving the 1,000 jobs at Ormet. If Ormet sat on Kasich JobsOhio Board or the executive at Ormet had been campaign contributors to the governor would Ormet still be operating? And we all know John Kasich’s record when it comes to Unions. It is no secret that Governor Kasich hates unions, if Ormet was a non union company would the governor had intervened on their behalf?

To add insult to injury, rather than be a leader and take responsibility for his PUCO’s decision, he blamed the state of West Virginia. What kind of governor blames neighboring states for job loss under his watch? The governor must think we are stupid. It is a real insult to ignore our region and then deflect responsibility for the actions of his Administration.

I have faith in the good people in the Ohio Valley. They know better and they will always remember that when it came to saving good paying jobs in the Ohio Valley Governor John Kasich let them down.

Thank God we have Senator Lou Gentile and State Representative Jack Cera to look out for the working men and women in the Ohio Valley.

When RG Steel went down the governor’s people were asked about the mills in Mingo, Yorkville, and Martins Ferry and their answer was why should we worry about them they are in West Virginia.

Johnny T. Waugh

St. Clairsville