Library Levy

Dear Editor,

One of the most enduring memories of growing up in a small village was the regular visit of the library bookmobile. The wonder of being able to go in and check out books at no cost! Books that took me to other worlds, other peoples, other times … especially for me – the pioneering, the colonial times.

Now, I don’t have to wait for visiting the library. I have one in my own town. One that offers books, magazines, CDs, videos, free use of computers, storytime for children, introducing them to the enchantment of reading and active adult book club proving that the love of reading extends into a lifetime of enjoyment.

However, because of budget constraints the open times of our library and others have been reduced. This is due to a 35 per reduction in funds over the past few years. The threat looms that unless there is an increase of funds, certain library branches may be closed. That would be an immense loss to the towns affected by such closures. That is why I am encouraging Belmont County voters to vote “Yes” on the upcoming Belmont County District Library Levy.

This will be the first time in 83 year history of the library system that the county-wide assistance has been sought. If the 1-mill operating levy passes, it will be used to restore hours and services at the main library in Martins Ferry and all branches located in Bethesda, Bridgeport, Flushing, Powhatan Point and Shadyside. In addition, it will increase the ability to purchase books and other materials by 75 percent.

I urge all voters who will be eligible to vote on this levy, to vote “Yes” so that our libraries can remain a vital resource in the coming years.

Helen Niemiec

Member of the Bethesda Adult Book Club

Library Levy

To the residents of Bethesda:

For the past few weeks you’ve seen signs around town and found pamphlets in your doors regarding the library levy. Our goal has been to make sure every voter has the information and is able to make an informed decision.

I want to remind you that this is a 1 mill operating levy for five years.

The levy will cost about $35 per year for the owner of a home valued at $100,000. The cost will be about the price of one adult or two children’s books. If the levy passes, hours of operation will be restored and the ability to purchase books and materials will be increased by 75%. It will also ensure the continuation of the free services the library offers: books, movies, computer access, and programs for children and adults.

To the citizens of Bethesda, Belmont, Morristown, Centerville and Jacobsburg—and all those in Belmont County who find this levy on the ballot—I ask you to please vote YES for the Belmont County District Library Levy.

Carla Thompson


Library Levy

Dear Editor,

For the first time in 83 years, the Belmont County District Library, formerly known as the Martins Ferry Public Library, has a one-mill, five year levy on the ballot in the election next month. The decision to place a levy on the ballot was not done lightly but the needs of the library and the lack of adequate funding necessitated this move. The boundaries of the library were updated by the State Library of Ohio so that we are able to request a levy. As I visit the five branches and see the usage at all locations, I realize that libraries today have changed to become an integral part of the communities they serve. Last year the library system circulated 318,000 items, and over 9,000 people attended programs at all locations, including Bethesda, Bridgeport, Flushing, Powhatan Point, and Shadyside.

My father was in the military so I lived around the world and one of the first things we did after each move was to locate a public library. Libraries were my second home where I could visit my old friends and make new ones. Not only did I develop a love of reading but a deep appreciation for the various libraries that contained so much of interest and provided a way to travel even more through books. Curiosity is an important trait and should be nurtured in children and what better place to develop this than in a library where one has access to everything the world has to offer. One can read adventure, biographies, history, sports, and more, and the power of imagination can transcend your location to place you in another world, in another time. Libraries still have the power to create learning for the joy of learning and encourage everyone to dream and explore all that life has to offer.

I am requesting your support and vote on November 5th. Libraries are still valuable in their communities and enrich lives in ways we cannot place a value on and are worth supporting. If you have not do recently, please visit a library and see how relevant they are in today’s world. Visit our website at for information.

Thank you and I hope you can support us!

Yvonne O. Myers, Director

Belmont County District Library

Library Levy

Dear Editor,

Before my mother passed away she told me always to vote for the bus levies. She said many people depend on them for transportation. This election on Tuesday, Nov. 5, will have an equally important issue on the ballot.

The Library District that includes many libraries in Belmont County needs your help. The State of Ohio has drastically cut all their budgets. The Library District is asking for a one mill levy for five years. My husband and I take out many books on CD to listen to when we travel. They also have wonderful programs for readers of all ages. They have access to computers for those who do not have them at home including many students. If you are unable to get to the polls please call the Election Board 740-526-0188 and you can request an absentee ballot to vote my mail.


Nancy L. Moore



Dear Editor,

Who needs a library? I recently retired from the Powhatan Point Public Library, a branch of the Belmont County District Library, formerly known as the Martins Ferry Public Library. I had been a patron of the library for years before, but I never realized how many services a library provides for a community. A library is a place where you can borrow books, magazines, CD’s and DVD’s, use computers, but it is also a place where someone can make copies, send faxes, print from a computer, get HEAP forms, Golden Buckeye forms and get information about student loans, how to register to vote and many other pertinent topics.

A library is also a place where children can learn pre-reading skills through Story Times, refresh their reading skills over the summer by participating in the Summer Reading Programs or just learn to love to read by being exposed to so many different books. The libraries in the Belmont County District libraries provide Story Times for hundreds of children each month and over a thousand children during the Summer Reading Programs.

Because of a decrease in state funds, the Belmont County District Library system which is comprised of these public libraries: Martins Ferry, Powhatan Point, Bridgeport, Bethesda, Shadyside, and the Victoria Read in Flushing, is asking you to vote for a 1 mil levy for 5 years. A homeowner’s home appraised at $100,000 would pay about $35 a year, the price of a hard back book. Isn’t that a reasonable price to pay for our communities to keep our libraries?

Anna Johnson

Powhatan Poin

Library Levy


The library is many different things to many different people–study hall, office training center, movie house, meeting place, even a home away from home. Most likely, it means something to you, your children, and your community.

On the Nov. 5 ballot, you will find the Belmont County District Library Levy, a 1-mill operating levy lasting 5 years that needs your support.

This levy will restore the hours and services of your local library and allow for the purchase of new books and other materials, all for the price of a children’s book or two annually (depending on your home value). We all know that a good book or a story hour for a child can be just as good, if not better, than an after school special on T.V. For that reason at the very least, join me in passing this levy.


Marleen Albanese


Library Levy


It’s hard to believe that Fall is here. I always look forward to the first changing leaves and seeing the colorful hillsides throughout Harrison County. Another new sight that we will be seeing is the library will have a renewal on the ballot for the first time. This 1 mill 5 year levy renewal will support the continued operations of the Clark Branch, Scio Branch and Puskarich Public Library.

The library has seen a lot of changes since four years ago. Your vote has made a difference and our libraries are busier than ever with record circulation in 2012. All buildings together circulated over 192,000 items and had over 6,000 attend programs. Maintaining these services is essential and vital to our communities, as well as a reflection of the important role that libraries play in residents’ lives.

The State’s Public Library Fund has been cut 30.7% since 2001. The levy renewal will allow our libraries to continue to offer new materials, additional programs, upgrade existing technology and increase access to public computing despite the State’s cuts. These resources make a difference in people’s lives. Voters in the Harrison Hills City School District, Buckeye Local, and Edison Local School Districts within Harrison County can vote on this renewal. These areas are within the library’s service district which was recently updated by the State Library of Ohio.

Please visit the library levy website for more information and to find the value of the library’s services using the library value calculator:

It’s been years since my first visit to the library when I came to Betty Smith’s Summer Reading Program. Coming to the library instilled in me a love of reading and showed the importance of the libraries to me at a young age.

I encourage you to vote on November 5th. Your libraries enrich communities and encourage lifelong learning. Make a difference by remembering to cast your ballot. Libraries are a treasure in our communities worth keeping.

Thank you for your consideration,

Sandi Thompson

Puskarich Public Library

Library Director