Permanent Improvement Fund

Dear Editor,

When I took over as superintendent on March 1, 2013 I made a commitment to upgrade our facilities and make our buildings and grounds look the best they can, despite their ages. Our staff has worked extremely hard to do just that. You will notice as you pass our buildings and field fresh paint jobs, new fencing, and other improvements. All of these types of improvements and their respective expenditures came from the Permanent Improvement (PI) Fund.

The PI Fund is a separate fund from the General Fund. PI monies can only be used to make improvements to the district and/or for items that have a “life.” Some examples of expenditures from this fund are:

Locker room renovation.

Fence replacement at the field.

Painting around the district.

New Doors at Jefferson.

New boiler return tank at the High School.

The money for all of these projects came out of PI Fund.

The General Fund pays the operational cost to educate the children of our district – salaries, supplies, utilities, etc. The emergency levy is for the General Fund type of expenditures.

In conclusion, many of the projects at the field were either completely donated or predominantly donated by the good citizens and business of our district, who donated either labor, materials, or money. They are:

Field House Upgrade. – Kris-Crete Concrete, Randy Merryman, Terry Brinker, Dominic Defelice and John Haswell.

Paving Project – Ohio/ W.Va. Excavating.

Twenty five second clocks. – Donated by Carlini`s Pizza and Defelice Bros.Pizza. The labor and material to hang the clocks were donated by LMS Construction, Tri-Son Concrete, Dominic Defelice, Erik Krupa, John Triveri and John Haswell.

Shot put area Concrete and labor donated by Kris-Crete Contracting, Jerry Narcisi, Dom Defelice, John Triveri, Butch Joseph, Larry Falbo, and John Haswell. Gravel donated by Ohio/w.Va. Excavating.

Sidewalk at the Left field Gate – Material and Labor donated by LMS Construction and Tri-Son Concrete.

PA System at the field – Donated by Shadyside Sports Foundation, Gregg Warren, Jerry Narcisi, Joe Munjas, Erik Krupa, Buddy Melanko, and John Haswell.

PA System at the High School- Shadyside Chamber of Commerce.

I hope this letter clears up the difference between the General Fund and Permanent Improvement Fund. Also, I hope the public now sees that the improvements we have made have not come out of the General Fund.

I would like to thank all of the a fore mentioned people for their help to make our facilities a better place for our students.

We will never put PRIDE aside in Shadyside. We will work to make our school and community the best it can be.


John M. Haswell


/7-12 Principal

Shadyside School