Public Schools

Dear Editor,

I would like to iterate the problem for funding public schools that it was continually compounded by the state government, who has continually put the onus on the states school districts, and tax payers, by continuous shirking of their obligation.

Let’s review how the problem grew due to the state using the band aid method of trying to fix the problem, by piece-meal solutions: i.e. property taxes, income tax, and lottery. In a booming economy they got away with this method, but as economic conditions worsened, and state funds were being reduced every year, and increasing retirees and a population of frozen or limited income citizens and social security raises grew more minimal, local districts took the brunt.

Therefore, I reiterate my point, you are all going to have to unite and let the state know they are making school districts do their job of school funding by ignoring the situation.

In closing, by passing levies, the state will continue to make you responsible for school funding, due to your willingness to tax yourselves, the state will never change voluntarily.

Alfred Tellitocci