State Funding

Dear Editor,

The state of the primary and secondary education system in the State of Ohio. First and foremost, educational opportunity is decided by finances of the school districts i:e: the more affluent districts offer a better choice of curriculum opportunities in all ways. The affluent districts can hire better qualified educators. Smaller and less affluent districts cannot underwrite the higher costs due to financial shortfalls.

The state is shirking its obligation to offer all districts equal support, all students in the state should have equal access to the same curriculum. The state should create financially sound operations i:e: recreate efficient operating districts by consolidation which would lend cost savings and make finances go further. Its time to put pride aside and face the facts that the world is changing and so must the way education is funded. One change is to have two separate operating units i:e: curriculum and financial thereby having specialists for each field.

When you handle millions of the taxpayers dollars you are in the business category of finance. The automatic use of levies on property does not promote efficient operation and will give the taxpayers a say in the operation process.

To begin to force this change to equality all small districts are going to have to use the philosophy “strength in numbers” to force the changes required for equal opportunity for all students in the state regardless of where they live.

The time is now to force an end to inequality and illegal school funding by voting “NO” on this and all future property tax levies: make all schools go the State of Ohio where the obligation for school funding and equal opportunities lie. Lets end the ignoring of the Supreme Court once and for all.

Alfred Tellitocci