So, what is the fascination with magic shows?

I mean, we all know that it is a put-on, yet many gasp with wonder as though what is known to be an illusion is actually real. Very similar to Washington.

I’m all for a government shutdown. From my perspective, everything that the D.C. politicians have done in the last two decades has been a bait n’ switch. There has not been a war, a program, or a law that was sold to the American people whose outcome has been anything close to what we were promised.

Reminds me of the modern NFL.

You may think that the Browns are playing the Steelers, that they are quintessential rivals, and that the commercial world of bumper stickers, game-shirts, and bobble-heads is a reflection of fan dedication, but the truth is, both teams are on the same side. It is the NFL vs. your pocketbook. The field is an illusion, the gate is real.

Washington has been thrown into a blender. The Democrats and Republicans are, for the most part, the political equivalent of Doctor John Dolittle’s Pushme-Pullyus. By design, they never get anywhere. ( But, they do eat well.) And, while there are those who claim that a government shutdown would be a disaster, it seems to me that all we ever get out of Washington is one disaster after another anyway.

So, my fellow Americans, if the government is best which governs the least, if American exceptionalism is rooted in man’s ability to rule himself, if all that the magician can pull out of his hat is a skunk, let’s shut down Washington’s political illusion for a while and save a little money to pay down our sky-rocketing, national debt.

Brett Merryman