Dear Editor,

Do you want to know who the real smart people are in life? The caring ones with good in their heart. It breaks my heart to see kids being bullied. Most kids that are bullied don’t deserve it. They do have that good in their hearts. Bullying is awful and it ruins people childhoods. I think bullying should be stopped! Help me and stand up to bullying!

Bullying could physically hurt someone that doesn’t deserve it. The subjects of those bullies and the one who is getting hurt wouldn’t pay attention to their parents or their schoolwork. If you see bullying happening in any way, tell an adult right away. It could keep happening, so get help and speak up!

Another reason why bullying should stop is because the one being bullied could be mentally hurt. Nobody deserves to have their feelings hurt. This could also effect the child’s school work. When their feelings are hurt, they might become upset in class and stop paying attention.

These are just a few reasons why people shouldn’t have their feelings hurt or be bullied.

Bullies will probably not be punished when they should be. That would mean that when bullies grow up, they could think that bullying is normal. They could teach their children or grandchildren the wrong lesson. They could also keep doing it and not get in trouble. Bullies deserve to be punished. Please tell a responsible adult if you see bullying.

I hope this has convinced you to help stop bullying. Bullying is never worth it. Speak up if you see someone being bullied or if you are being bullied. Bullying could result in your feelings being hurt, serious injury or bully not being properly punished. This is why bullying needs to stop! You could team up with your friends to stop bullying, or do it alone! You will feel great afterwards, trust me. So, help stop bullying now!

Jonah Matka

9 years old

St. Clairsville