Dear Editor,

Attention all Belmont County taxpayers!!!

Commissioners are wasting more of your tax dollars having lawyers assist them in finding a new director for Department of Job and Family Services. They have had Lisa Fijalkowski doing this position since August 15 of this year. Lisa has been with the agency for 28 years. She has worked in child support and income maintenance. She knows policy and what is expected. It is not easy to know what procedures and requirements are needed for income maintenance.

Why would you bring someone from the outside that has not a clue into this agency to run it. She has been doing a wonderful job for almost three months now. You can ask any employee there and they will tell you that the work environment is starting to improve. People are starting to want to go to work again. Things were so bad before Lisa took over that people were off on medical leave because they could not handle the stress of the work place. Since the article came out on October 31, every employee there has been in an uproar again. Of course I learn this at the funeral home this week. That is how stressed the employees are again!! And if you get the hard copy of The Times Leader you would not know this unless you read it online. This is what was online:

Commissioners adopted a resolution authorizing Clemens Nelson & Associates to assist in recruiting a new DJFS director and perform other necessary services under the existing retainer. The vote was two to one with Coffland dissenting. I remember seeing quotes from one of the commissioners that says they are looking out for the employees of DJFS and want what is best for them… Really!!! Why don’t you ask them what is best for them because what you are doing right now is not the BEST!!!. You have made a lot of the Belmont County voters upset and this will be taken into consideration come re-election, and I do work for this agency and I have a right to voice my opinion and no one that works for DJFS should be scared to voice their concerns.

This is our life and the peoples tax dollars. You need someone in there that knows what is going on, not someone that can be a political puppet! That is what is good for the people and agency. I will be expressing this to everyone I know!!

Melissa Freeman

St. Clairsville