Bad Leases

Dear Editor,

Five years ago, last February, I received a phone call from a woman saying she represented an oil company, asking if she could come to our home and talk to my wife and I about leasing our land. Little did I know at that time this woman’s intentions. She came into our home for the soul purpose of cheating my wife and I out of a fair price for our land. She was a fast and smooth talker.

There was a poll taken years ago on who people trusted the most. The poll showed people trusted the farmer more than anyone, even before their pastor or priest. I am one of those farmers.

My wife and I trusted this woman and believed she was telling us the truth. Now after five years we are still stuck with this bad lease even though another company has now taken over our lease.

I am a Christian and I do not wish any harm to come to those company officials but I believe they should take a good look at their life and what they are doing and ask themselves, “Are we doing the right, fair and honest thing?”

Who were the people that were hit the most by these “bad leases” it was the old farmer who has worked hard all of his life and deserves the money the most.

If these companies would do the right, fair and honest thing, these elderly people could have a better and easier life now.

My Bible is more than a book that I read daily, it’s a map, a map to heaven. Jesus has told us “What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?”

I hope and pray that this letter falls into the right hands and these company officials will do the right, fair and honest thing.

Silvy Roseberry