Dear Editor,

As has been a tradition since its opening in 1978, I, once again, spent this year’s “Black Friday”, Nov. 29, shopping, dining, socializing and simply enjoying the festive atmosphere at Belmont County’s retail Mecca, the Ohio Valley Mall.

During the time that I spent at the mall on “Black Friday,” it was quite obvious that the size of the crowd of fellow shoppers was impressively quite large, and by my observation appeared to be one of the largest at the mall in memory.

Such appears to be a positive harbinger of things to come for the Ohio Valley Mall as well as for Belmont County.

For three and a half decades, Ohio Valley Mall and its surrounding area contains the largest concentration of retail establishments and restaurants between Columbus and Pittsburgh and its success has greatly, positively, impacted Belmont County, not the least of which financially, over the years.

I commend the Cafaro Company for their continued faith in the people of Belmont County and its surrounding area for its construction of the Ohio Valley Mall and keeping it very viable and such a thrilling enterise over the years.

In 2012, a complete upgrade was completed on the physical structure of the mall, which has made it even more 21st century relevant, creating a “custom friendly” atmosphere second to none.

Recently, many significant new tenants have been added to the mall including Boscov’s “Super Store” in October 2013 along with MC Sports, The Children’s Place, Andrew’s Jewelers and Panda, that along with the many temporary businesses that have been added for the Christmas holiday shopping season help to further reinforce the Ohio Valley Mall as a prime destination for shoppers.

I anticipate bright futures, indeed, for the Ohio Valley Mall, as well as for Belmont County.

Area residents are quite fortunate, indeed, to have such a fine enterprise as the Ohio Valley Mall as part of our community.

Thank you.


Richard Hord

Martins Ferr