Commissioners MIA

Dear Editor,

Last week I had to ask my friend the name of one of our county commissioners. I know Matt Coffland, due to the fact he is always out in the public talking to or doing something for the good of this county.

He is always getting told about something or the other, either he isn’t doing something right or he didn’t do enough. I saw Mr. Coffland the other day at a Senior Center passing around plates of Thanksgiving food to our Seniors and that is when I asked my friend, “where the other Commissioners were?” Ginny Favede or Chuck Probst were not anywhere to be seen. Ya see, Mr. Probst and Mrs. Favede are seldom seen and I ask myself are they too busy to come and listen to anything we have to say or have we all forgotten our deodorant and we don’t fit the criteria of their peers.

Hmmm makes ya think don’t it, why? I’m just wondering that is all!!!

Also, I want to say “Thank You” for the Tiger Pub sponsoring the Wheelchairs for Vets. I was proud to see all those vets there.

But it is good to know, Mr. Coffland, will take the time to stop and say, “Hello” and see what we have to say. I say, “GOOD JOB”, Matt Coffland.

Want to give a shot out to all the Service Men and Women out there who fought for our freedom. A big “THANKS!!!!”

Barb Redinger