Firearms Safety

Dear Editor,

A recently published article indicated that 150 children have been seriously injured in the past six years by firearms.

As a former firearms instructor, I can offer a few facts and safety tips.

If you own a firearm for any reason and have it in your home unsecured, then you are taking an unnecessary safety risk. You may not have children in the house, but can never be sure that a relative or neighbor may visit with the children.

No matter how well you hide a firearm, any child that can find Christmas gifts, can find almost anything. THEY (the children) are watching us when we don’t know we are being watched. You will hear all types of advice from people, such as keeping the ammunition in a different locked container, hiding it in the garage, etc. An unloaded weapon is useless for defense.

There are many keyless still lock boxes available on the market that can be bolted to a surface from within and have quick accessibility.

The firearms can be retrieved almost instantly, yet are secure.

A personal safety tip: If you have a firearm for home defense, even in a locked box, never have it so it’s accessible from the bedside.

Keep the gun across the room, so that you are awake and alert before reaching for it.

William J. Patsche

St. Clairsville