Koch Brothers

Dear Editor,

The editorial page of The Times Leader Dec. 1, had two very contrasting items.

One a letter to editor by Mr. Bill Bryant and the other a half page column by Dr. Terry Wallace. Mr. Bryant was right on target about the Affordable Care Act that brings health care to millions of Americans who have never had health insurance. His letter was refreshing as opposed to the brutal and perverse letters, columns and political cartoons seen in the Times Leader.

The anti-government column by Dr. Wallace would have given credence to the speeches made in Germany against the Weimar Republic in the 1930’s. The only differences being the speeches in Germany had a semblance of truthfulness. Wallace is a senior fellow at Public Policy Foundation of West Virginia. It is a state based “think tank” funded by the multi-billionaire Koch brothers, among other fronts such as ALEC and The Tea Party.

Paul Nyden of The Charleston Gazette notes that Russell Sobel, a local economist, whose writings are funded by Koch fronts, argues for eliminating the minimum wage and mine safety laws in West Virginia.

Wallace’s columns are regurgitations right out of the Koch brothers playbook.

Gene Campbell