Season of Giving (Props)

Dear Editor,

Many refer to this season as a season of giving. With that in mind, I would like to give some people some props and show my appreciation to them by mentioning their names.

The Bible says, “that is it better to give than to receive,” and I totally agree with that statement. I believe we all can make our lives much easier and even better if we purposely decide to show others, Love and appreciation that is well deserved for all individuals.

It’s time that we start showing are appreciation to others. We all have taken people for granted and unfortunately some have passed away without us giving them props. Its sad to say there are a lot of people who are under appreciated and I think its time that we all start “thinking” about if there is someone you feel is being under appreciated by you or others.

I personal would like to say “Thanks to my mother, Karen Roby, who we threw an appreciation party for this past summer. My mother is one of the most caring and loving people in the City of Martins Ferry and many will attest to that. I would like to say, I appreciate, Lucky Dunn, who is one of my biggest inspirations in my life. Brenda Watts, for being so compassionate and strong; Debra Watts, for being a strong woman; Mrs. Hill, for her holy character; Danielle Riesbeck-Neavin, for her intensity and desire to make people better at basketball; Coach Jeff Sabitino, for his steadfastness and integrity; Coach Kim Traversa-Appollini, for her “realness” and sincerity; Daryl Watts, for his display of Love and will power; Tamara Hocker, for her faithfulness and humbleness; Freddy “Hock” Hocker, for his family mindedness; Sharleen Meredith, for her motherly Love and compassion for all human life; Charles Bass, for his dedication and “drive”; Bernie Dunn, for his overcoming abilities; Victor Green, for his fatherly Love; Kathy Coleman, for her real life expression of unconditional Love; The late Bubba Coleman, whose reputation of Love still fills the Ohio Valley and many homes; and, Charity Roby, my wife, who is an overcomer and great mother, friend, and I will proudly say, a great cook, too.

I could go on and on, with giving people props and I hope you readers will find it in your heart to give props to those who deserve it. Let’s all make this season of giving compliments, hugs, and expressions of appreciation, for we all should appreciate each other, no matter the race, religion, creed, and etcetera.

Greg Roby

Martins Ferry