Shale Tax

Dear Editor,

I recently read in Sunday’s Times Leader that the Governor of Ohio wishes to tax various shale and oil companies and lease holders to the tune of 4% and distribute it around the state. This seemed to be the basic gist of the article. Let’s trade. We the people of Belmont, Harrison, and Monroe counties will do just that as soon as the state of Ohio decides to enforce the Supreme court mandated law for the distribution of school funding around the state.

Now, if a tax were set up for the counties involved,and only the counties involved in production, I would back that if the money was mandated for one thing.

Throughout history we have seen that those places of great economic commerce succeed because they have something no one else has.

They are a hub of multiple choices of transportation and development.

They have water (Ohio River);

They have major roads (Interstate 70 and 470);

They have a fixed rail transport system;

They have large swaths of land.

We go one step beyond. We have coal and shale.

If we put this money into our future by developing our infrastructure, these small counties in Appalachia could become the “mouse that roared” not only for the rest of the state but possibly for the entire Midwest and country.

Randy Marple