Philippine Aid

Dear Editor,

In early November 2013, a devastating storm by the name of Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippine Islands causing catastrophic damage in the Visayas region of the country, especially to the islands of Leyte and Samar.

Haiyan had been the thirtieth named tropical storm of the 2013 Pacific typhoon season. With sustained winds of 196 mile per hour and gust of 235 miles per hour, Haiyan quickly became the season’s most deadly storm.

Learning of the devastation, our group decided to put together a fundraising event to help with disaster relief in the affected areas. We began accepting donations of clothing, food supplies, medical supplies and anything else that might help with the aid of the Filipino people.

This lead to the culmination of our fundraising efforts, a spaghetti dinner held at the Shadyside American Legion on Dec. 8.

On that day, the Ohio Valley experienced some weather of its own as snow storm made its way through the valley and made driving treacherous. However, we were blown away by the number of people from Shadyside and the surrounding communities that still made their way to the dinner. All-in-all, we were able to raise over $3,000. The money raised allowed us to purchase even more supplies and ship a total of 22 boxes to the Philippines.

As we began to undertake this fundraising effort we thought it was absolutely necessary to acknowledge the people and businesses that helped us with this fundraising effort. Our heartfelt thanks go to these individuals and businesses that donated time, money or supplies for shipping.

Shadyside American Legion, Steve Kritz, Kim Parker, Dr. & Mrs. Agcaoi,St. Michael’s School, Stephon & Luisa Green, Mr. & Mrs. Denny Magruder, Liberty Distributors, Gem & Dr. Monina Jao. Dana Hines, Howard Long Wellness Center.Cora Price, Tom & Lisa Beck, Libby Reynolds,Cherrie Weitz, Mike Meintel, Bill Goff, Sam’s Club, Dr. Robert Caldwell, Kucera Plumbing, Matt & Erika Jarrett, Terry Hammond, Lou Nau Heating & Cooling, Judy Minwer, Nikki Fluharty, Linda and Brent Holloway, Audrey Robinson, Vhie Piper,Dave & Denise Hoskinson, Danilo Lepura WesBanco Arena, Greater Wheeling Soup Kitchen Wilkes Kinney, Capitol TheatreKatara Parr, Rick Thorp, Riesbeck’s Food Market, Convenient Food Mart Powhatan, The Times Leader, Buffalo Wild Wings,Dale & Jean Noland, Dan Mayeres, Shirts & More,Linda Baker, WTRF-TV, Audrey Robinson, Brie Boger, Jay Circosta, Erin Crummitt-Hough, Mrs. Marhefka of St. Clairsville, Rio Riley, Dana Archer, Kim Smith, Roger Burkhart, Sonya Fedorko, Melissa Barton, Lynn Baker, Patty Palenicek, Marge Wilson

We would also like to thank and send our sincere appreciation to all those who purchased tickets and braved the treacherous conditions to come out to our spaghetti dinner!

Thanks to all of you for your support!


Melanie Campbell

Denise Hoskinson

Doug Campbell