Republican Health Care Opposition

Dear Editor,

As of Jan. 1, 2014, it has been confirmed that 6.5 million previously uninsured Americans now have critical health care coverage as a result of the Affordable Care Act, with 2.1 million newly insured by private health plans, plus an additional 4.4 million now covered under Medicaid. As a result of its expansion under the “Affordable Care Act (referred to by some as “Obama Care”).

All this in spite of an unprecedented all-out attempt by Republicans/conservatives to confuse and misinform the public regarding health care reform for strictly political motives in an effect to ultimately negatively impact, the potential success of this worthwhile initiative.

Although Republicans have long attempted to label the Affordable Care Act as a strictly Democratic/Progressive initiative, in actuality the Act was based on the prototype of a Republican initiative proposed decade age by the conservative

Heritage Foundation and successfully implemented in Massachusetts by 2012 Republican Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, during his tenure as Governor of the Bay State.

Some of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act include: 1. Coverage of pre-existing medical conditions. 2. Guaranteed coverage of adult children to age 26. 3. Elimination of the Medicare Part D (Doughnut Hole). 4. Fair charges for insurance premiums. 5.

Elimination of pre-existing restrictions of children’s access to health care. 6. Ending of payout limits by insurance companies for those who suffer long-term devastating illnesses, etc.

What of the above do Republicans propose to eliminate and what, pray tell, is their “plan”, if one even does in some form exist?

Universal health care to all citizens has long been proposed by Democratic and Republican Chief Executives, with the current configuration being the Democrats compromise of their ultimate plan of a single-payer health care system.

The current system is very much driven by insurance companies with the emphasis on personal responsibility.

Since when Republicans oppose Free-enterprise and personal responsibility?

Of late, Republicans, are likely to oppose any program or initiative, even if it contradicts their conservative “mantra” in order to score cheap political points with their most racial supporter.

It is now that finally time that Republicans once again, actually stand for something as simply be opposed, to virtually everything?

Thank You.

Respectfully submitted

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry