Tax Money

Dear Editor,

I should have written this letter a few weeks ago when I read that two of our commissioners at the time decided to retain a lawyer over the 1-70 project. “Ginny and Chuck, do you want to pay the legal fees on your own?” Quite frankly, I don’t want you to use MY tax money for that purpose.

Okay Belmont County residents, “Are you happy with your money being spent for lawyers?” Election day will come again, and I hope every person in Belmont County remembers how you two want to spend their money. What a waste! Oh, yes, you two had it pretty easy doing that because there was two of you and one of Matt Coffland who voted against it. But, now Ginny, you just don’t have it that easy anymore as Mark Thomas is now a commissioner and he, too wants to get rid of this Law firm in Columbus. So now you have Mark and Matt agreeing and just, you, Ginny disagreeing. Too bad. This is tax money from all of Belmont County residents, and I do not think that the two of you should take it on yourself to take our money for something so foolish.

Furthermore, it appears to me that Belmont County could have used that money, all $9,000 of it for the animal shelter which has needed work for a very long time. The improvements that were recommended have been needed. The dogs have never had any kind of heat in the winter, and yes they all need to be in a very large shelter where they can have runs to go in and out.

I am hoping that with Mark Thomas back in office, things will improve. Best of Luck, Mark.

Nancy Wilson,