Tax Question

Dear Editor,

I would like to know who controls the school crossing light at the lower end of Central Avenue in Shadyside?

The school or the police? What is the rule regarding the enforcement of the speed limit when the light is operating and the schools are not in session? Will a ticket be issued? If a ticket is issued, will the fine be enforced? If the ticket is enforced then the ordinance should be amended so as to make the ticket invalid if not, then the light is not a crossing light, but a speed trap.

I have a question for the Meade Township Trustees, “Aren’t these Township Streets in Green Acres the responsibility of the Township? On West 53rd Street the flow of water is being impeded due to the road not having an non-obstructed flow to the catch basin at the bottom of the street. The catch basin adds to the problem due to it being clogged thereby causing the water to flow down Jefferson Avenue to Wegee Road. I cannot understand why this situation is not being corrected.

What are we paying taxes for?


Alfred Tellitocci