Dear Editor:

Congratulations are in order to the writer of yet another letter in praise of the tea party; he demonstrates perfectly the delusional nature of those who believe the Koch and Co.’s Trojan Horse pitch.

They’re the crowd that promotes free markets, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and their interpretation of the Constitution (along with Mom, apple pie and Chevrolet). Their real goal is to con us into voting for people who will facilitate their 1 percent status…… you know, accumulation of ever greater wealth, power, more Lear jets, etc.

Voting for “new blood” ignores the lesson of recent elections; forty or so amateur politicians got voted in who have succeeded in making a laughing stock of Congress. Learning from past history, however, does not appear to be a strength of “we the people” enthusiasts.

If they did take the trouble to investigate our history, they would know why Nixon was impeached, and what Reagan’s Iran-Contra scheme was about, and who is responsible for the current deficit. Perhaps they could learn from Mr. Lofton, who has studied our country’s history…..

Tom Morgan