Road Work

Dear Editor,

All government entities are worried about road and street conditions. The situation brings to mind the stimulus proposal which they laughed at and said it was a waste of money and would not work.

This winter pointed out the waste of money by using the band aid method of road maintenance and now maybe they should develop a comprehensive and continuous plan which would not be revocable by future leaders, unless they amend the plan with a major improvement to the existing plan. A recent example of the above comprehensive plan is the Route 2 upgrading now in progress in West Virginia by doing a little at a time is financially manageable and will accomplish the project.

The major hold up to the road program is the exorbitant cost per mile, maybe a comprehensive and in depth study of the cost per mile is to look for waste and overpricing and kickbacks to the officials who decide the jobs to be contracted, isn’t it about time to fake politics out of such vital function for the public safety and welfare.


Alfred Tellitocci