Worry Channel

Dear Editor,

Early every morning, I turn on the old television to catch the latest news. Have to see who’s being good and who is being evil. Who has killed who and who is in jail for drug dealing. It seems to all of us, the world is going to “pot” and soon that will be legal too.

All I want to see is the local news and yet all they seem to talk about is the weather. You can only hear the weather forecast so many times and it begins to wear on you. It’s winter, it’s cold, get over it. Spring is coming, so calm down.

Every morning I look at my wife and say, “Where’s the news???” If I want to know the weather, I’ll turn to the “Weather Channel.” With all the insanity of life and it’s ups and downs, I can’t believe that someone has not thought of creating a “worry channel”. You know, a place where we all can turn too to “escape” worry. Everything in the news is always negative. Planes, crashing, wars starting, killings and rape and a variety of other evil and sad stories. The news has become a night mare of “WORRY!” The “WORRY CHANNEL” I speak of will be everything positive, all GOOD news of rescues and happy events where people are healed of cancer and health issues. A list of good deeds where folks jump in and help people less fortunate. A “CHANNEL” that ends in prayer that lifts you up and allows you to breathe a sigh of relief from all the world’s problems. When you watch the show you smile and feel good about yourself. Yes, I believe we all are in need of a “NOT TO WORRY CHANNEL,” that “GOD IS IN CONTROL” and we just need to go about our business smiling and dancing to the beat of a different drum, instead of all the dirt and sickness of this world.

God Bless America

Rich Lucas