Bridgeport Work

Dear Editor

I know and you know that the streets of Bridgeport are in bad shape at this time and my first priority is to do the job that I was elected to do.

Starting on Thursday morning, we had our trucks on the road doing repairs and we will continue to do this until our roads are repaired. There may be some streets that will need more than patching and may have to put new asphalt down to do the job right. We are aware that Hall Street has heavy traffic and that area will be a major project but we have good businesses in this area and with their working with us, we will take care of improving that area.

I have been in construction business for over sixty years and I know from experience what must be done.

I am very tired of having two hour council meetings and when the meeting is over, nothing has been accomplished. I have good people on my staff and they are also discouraged with things not getting done.

I am asking the citizens of Bridgeport to work with me as they have in the past and call the mayor’s office if you see anything that you think needs looked at. Please leave your name and telephone number so that we can work together on this.

I would like to thank the residents for being patient with us and I promise you that despite the efforts of certain council members trying to tie my hands, the patching and clean-up of our town will get done.


John J. Callarik

Mayor of Bridgeport