Dear Editor,

In response to a letter that appeared in the local paper on Saturday, April 19, I want to say that, “YES” the commissioners need to be congratulated on the hard work they have accomplished, not only in the past year, but at least the last four to five years. Now as far as them not getting any new businesses in the smaller towns of Martins Ferry, Bridgeport, Bellaire, and Shadyside, you need to stop and think about that one. People shop at the Ohio Valley Mall area more so than in smaller towns, and yes these smaller towns do have business places that are frequented by the public, but there is no big store that I know of that would be willing to put a large store in any of these towns. Can you just see a store like Boscov’s or MC Sports putting one of their stores in Shadyside or any other small town? I really do not think that is going to happen.

Also, when the I-70 project is finished, everyone in Belmont County will get the rewards from that highway as everyone in Belmont County will be driving on that highway. No, it is not going to be finished tomorrow, so give it two years, and you will see the difference it will make. Thank you, Matt Coffland and Mark Thomas for fighting for that project. It was a much needed project.

The Commissioners do a lot of work that most of us do not see, but it is always for the improvement of Belmont County.

Nancy Wilson