Dog Refuse

Dear Editor,

We are writing this letter to the dog walkers of Martins Ferry, who refuse to clean up after their dogs.

We have an alley along side our home and the grassy area between the alley and our house become a prime target for some irresponsible people who refuse to clean up after their dog.

We have placed signs in the area, but they choose to ignore them. As a result we are faced to go out and clean up the mess that they leave.

These people are knowingly breaking the law which requires them to carry a bag and clean up after their dog. If you say anything to them, they become rude and defiant. They ignore the laws because they know that many people will be reluctant to report them and that the law is a difficult one to enforce.

This is becoming a major problem in Martins Ferry. Many of these dog walkers feel that they can walk their dog anywhere they choose regardless of other peoples property.

To those responsible citizens who clean up after their dogs, we thank you.

To those who deliberately break the law, we can only hope that the city puts more pressure on you by stricter enforcement. Being senior citizens we don’t feel like cleaning up after your dog. Also, if I wanted my house to smell like a dog mess, I’d have one myself. We work hard to keep our yard and house clean.

Ed and Doris Watkins

Martins Ferry