Ferry Tax Hike

Dear Editor,

The Martins Ferry Mayor and City Council want to raise the city income tax to 1 percent, putting an increased burden on the working people of Martins Ferry.

Only one council member was there when it was first voted in many years ago. It was voted DOWN BY THE PEOPLE the first time it was placed on the ballot and the Martins Ferry Council implemented it anyway. I was at the council meeting when they did that and the council and the mayor said at that time that it was to be temporary because we lost tax money from the steel mill closing and the money was supposed to be used to fix the roads and alleys in Martins Ferry and that it would not go over .50 percent. That was in the year 2000, there has already been one rate hike and we are currently paying .75 percent tax and now they want to increase it again.

There has been no improvements in the streets or alleys and they keep coming to the working people because they don’t know how to properly manage the money that does come into the city. It seems someone always has their hands in the cookie jar while the people keep getting taxed and taxed and taxed.

The city of Martins Ferry needs a business plan to draw new businesses to Martins Ferry and they need to STOP spending. New police cars, new fire trucks, etc … They also need to get the laws changed that would allow them to have one general fund to pay everything out of. If that is what is needed then someone in charge needs to make it happen. It’s not the people’s responsibility to keep having to foot the bill for poor management of city funds.

So when everyone gets out there to vote for either the Mayor or City Council, you better make sure they are in the race to represent the wants and needs of the people of Martins Ferry.


Drew I. Barbour

Martins Ferry