Dear Editor,

Heroin is a Schedule I drug. It can be inhaled, shot intravenously, taking orally, placed up your nose, taken rectally, but one thing for sure – “it is a KILLER!” Heroin is a type of morphine, also known as diamorphine. Heroine has many street names such as H, smack, horse, brown, black and tar. Invented in 1874, 87 percent of the worlds supply comes from Afghanistan where it is produced from raw opium. Mexico is quickly becoming the new leader in its export. Smuggled over the border in large quantities. The adverse effect of heroin is DEATH!!!

As far as addictive, its at the top of the scale. Once used, its ability to cause craving and want more is off the scale. On a percentage basis of how many people heroin has killed is unknown. It’s been around a long time and has been killing the whole time.

What is heroin now? Its epidemic and all over the world. Its in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Belmont County, Ohio.

Who uses heroin? Every age group, from 10 years old to 50 years old. Depends on when you start in life but no one grows old on heroin. You DIE before old age comes.

How does heroin effect the user? Craving after craving. You can not sleep, you can not eat, you can not think clearly, you can not LIVE without it. You will rob, steal and even kill others to get your fix.

How does it effect others in a heroin addict family? It destroys relationships, marriage, jobs, your health, your family’s health.

Heroin removes everything good in your life. The user thinks there use only effects them. Heroin breaks the heart, mind and soul of everyone around them. We have to stand by and WATCH our kids, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers and all else DIE a slow and painful death.

What is heroin? It is the “DEVIL’S SALIVA,” designed to kill and destroy humanity at all costs.

What can we do to stop it spreading? Pay attention, strict attention, to your children. Adults have “freedom of choice.” Children can be monitored. It’s here in the Ohio Valley, everywhere so don’t ignore the signs and hope they go away. They don’t!! It only gets worse.

Investigate, keep watch. Any sign of abuse, call your local enforcement or doctor. Report anything suspicious. What seems like nothing may turn out to be a lot. Helping the law enforcement people, may save your child’s’ life, your neighbors’ life and all else.

If you are reading this and need help from addiction, call your health care provider and surrender. It’s the difference between life and a horrible death!

God Bless.

Rich Lucas