I need to give thanks to God, the miracle maker. Through Him came the skill and caring the doctors and nurses at Wheeling Hospital and Cleveland Clinic used to create, what my doctor calls a “miracle”.

Nine years ago I was diagnosed with two types of cancer. One went into remission quickly. The other was hard. After chemo, radiation and surguries that ended making me a paraplegic

I am alive. The difficult cancer went from terminal to no longer there. A doctor at the Cleveland Clinic called me ” a science experiment”.

I am cancer free because of all of those that prayed for me. For some reason God spared me. I have vowed to try to live up to this.I am humbled by the people that prayed for me. At churches, in prayer circles or 1 or 2 together, people cried out to God for me in love and faith. Many of these people I’ve never met but I thank all of you.

Through everything my family has loved me and cheered me on and, yes, prayed for me too. They are very dear to me and I love them all very much.

Carol Marsili