Stealth School Levy


The upcoming May 6th primary has another, (I’ve lost count) Bellaire School Levy on the ballot.

You haven’t heard much announcing in the media concerning this levy. Maybe the school administration is thinking the no votes won’t be alerted this time and the levy will pass.

I believe it is more important to have a levy for the Bellaire Police Department passed. The village just went through a month of jury trial for two murderers of an elderly lady in West Bellaire. Due to the persistent work of the Bellaire Police and other local law enforcement help, both of these individuals are in prison.

We have drug dealers in the area from Cleveland, Chicago, Pittsburgh etc. We need more policemen on the job to help eradicate these criminals from our streets. The police haven’t had a raise for several years. They have families also.

Why would a business that was interested in coming to this area, come here when the streets aren’t safe and there aren’t enough police to protect their interests. There isn’t a levy on the May ballot for the Bellaire Police, however, I would like to see one on the November ballot. For the safety of our community, vote your money wisely. I SUPPORT A LEVY FOR THE BELLAIRE POLICE DEPARTMENT.

Vincent Amos