A Real Hero

Dear Editor,

I write to reflect on an upcoming event. I saw that my friend, David E. Dean, is having his 90th birthday celebration soon. The last time I saw Dave was a few years ago at a Reserve Officers Association meeting, where several of the attendees were veterans who saw heroic action in combat.

The World War II members are dwindling in number and they are, frankly, the men for who I have the fondest recollection and admiration. The term “The Greatest Generation” was aptly coined, in my opinion, as to these individuals. This tradition is proudly carried on by the brave men and women who serve today!

I want to again point out my dear friend, Dave Dean for his heroism. After many bombing fights over Europe in World War II in a B-17, he was shot down. He survived and endured not only that, but also being in a German prisoner of war camp, from which he proudly walked out near the end of the war.

Dave always rejects being given the moniker “hero” but it could not be more properly applied to anyone more than him! The youth of today would be well advised to remember and reflect upon the contributions of such servicemen, and women, to the freedoms we all now enjoy.

Happy 90th Dave! Many more to you!

Gerald P. Duff, J.D.

U.S. Army (Ret)

St. Clairsville