I must say that the letters debating the effectiveness of our county commissioners have been interesting. No partisan arguing here, just discussion of the pros and cons in regard to their performance. And, of course, that has been abysmal, unless of course you live in Richland Township.

The most poignant letter I think was the one that pointed out the frequency of the commissioners gracing the pages (usually the front page) of local newspapers. After glancing at the front page a while back, I momentarily thought that perhaps the Adams Family might be returning to local broadcast. Other photos look like they cram as many people into the frame as possible. They end up looking more like a class reunion group shot rather than a news story. Might want to think about getting a wider lens.

Anyway, given the monotonous regularity of Commissioner news photographs, I’ve come up with a plan. Let’s start cutting the pictures from the pages and begin laying them in the bottom of potholes. If my cursory calculations are even remotely accurate, we can eliminate our pockmarked roadways by late June or early July. That’s probably the only way the commissioners will take care of them, unless of course you live in Richland Township.

Brett Merryman