Headless Tiger

Dear Editor

I don’t know who you are, only you know that; but, I really hope you enjoyed being destructive.

If you took the head home, I have to wonder if your parents saw it laying around. OH, NO, they will not report you, because then you would be in juvenile court. Of course, they don’t want that either. Trust me, you are not the only one who knows about this vandalism. Your friends will talk, especially now that there is a reward offered. When you are caught, and yes, I said when, not if, because I do think you will be caught, I hope the Judge throws the book at you. You sound to me like another teenager with too much time on your hands. Try getting a job, and use your time more wisely. Yes, you might have already dropped out of school, I do not know, because just think about it, if you stay in school you just might get an EDUCATION!

You do not have to vandalize because you have some reason why you do not like our town. All you have to do is stay out of our town, but NO, you’d rather come here and make trouble. Trouble is headed in your direction little boy, and yes I say boy, because I do NOT think any girl did this.

I also do not think this person lives in Shadyside, because we all love our TIGERS. I don’t know what town you live in, nor do I care, but remember one thing… prosecuting you is going to be a very enjoyable day for our Superintendent when he files charges.

Nancy Wilson