Political Caricature

Dear Editor,

As Republican/ conservative leaders on the national level have for quite some time unfortunately placed partisan politics over our great country’s ultimate good, and as a result, have adopted a policy emphasizing negativity, innuendo and baseless personal attacks in an obvious attempt to demonize their political adversaries. I would like to use humor along with a measure of sarcasm in an attempt to perhaps paint these faux uncompromising crusading “tough guys’ in a somewhat different light by comparing their personars to theatrical characters to which I feel, they are not compatible.

These Republican/ conservative icons and the theatrical characters with whom they may resemble on some level include:

1. Rush Limbaugh: ( the longtime “King” of conservative talk radio) as “The Wizard of Oz” for his reluctance to debate or partake in any verbal discourse with anyone with opposing points of view for his fear of being exposed as the rapid, uninformed demagogue that he is. In both cases, reality falls far short of their carefully crafted images.

2. Glen Beck (the “Clown Prince” of conservative talk radio) as “Bart Simpson” from “The Simpson’s”.

3. Rand Paul (Republic Senator from Kentucky) as “Arnold Horshack” from “Welcome Back Kotter.”

4. Bobby Jindal (Republican Governor of Louisiana) as “Gilligan” from “Gilligan’s Island.”

5. Mitch McConnell (Republican Senator from Kentucky and Senate Minority Leader) as “E.T.” from “E. T. – The Extraterrestrial.”

6. Newt Gingrich (former Republican Congressman from Georgia, former speaker of The House of Representatives and current host of “Crossfire” on C.N.N.) as “Pop ‘N’ Fresh, the Pillsbury Doughboy”.

7. Sean Hannity (Conservative television and radio “talking head”) as Eddie Haskell on “Leave It To Beaver.”

With such a cast of characters, no wonder the “Grand Old Party”, once proud and productive has very well reached its lowest ebb.

Sometimes the best approach to counter negativity is with a response tinged with humor and spiced with pointed sarcasm.

Thank You.


Richard Hord

Martins Ferry