What Street Lights?


Watching a follow up story on Channel 7 News about the levy to turn the street lights back on in Pease Township in Belmont County. It came to light that the lights will not be turned back on until February 2015.

Trustee Bianconi while stumping for passage of the levy said that the levy would be used to turn the street lights back on in “The fringe areas of the township; pot holes filled; and dilapidate houses torn down. Guess all of this will have to wait until next February also. Right?

Seems like the voters were duped into thinking that with the passing of the levy, the street lights would be turned back on soon after the levy passed and not nine months later.

Do you think if the voters knew this up front they would have voted for the levy? I don’t think so! Maybe we should over turn this vote due to “miss information” and re-vote it in November so the people know exactly what they are voting for.

Every time the Belmont County commissioners meeting is shown on the television, Trustee Bianconi is a constant figure in the audience.

He should ask the commissioners to grant the township the money needed to turn the lights back on now.

Since the county got a windfall from the gas and oil boom, they can afford to do so. The townships do make up the county,

John J. Gerevics