Cat Issue

Dear Editor,

To the St. Clairsville Park Board, SHAME ON YOU … for sending threatening letters to the kind people who have been taking care of the poor defenseless cats. Do you know how these cats came to be in the park?

By thoughtless and uncaring people who dumped them. Are these the kind of people on the board? If it had not been for the good people of St. Clairsville who voted to pass a levy a couple or so years ago, there would be no need for a board. I don’t know who is on the park board, and I don’t think I want to know them, also, I don’t know the people who received the nasty letters.

These people should be applauded and thanked for the compassion and commitment to caring for the cats, not kicked out of the park, fined and or arrested. GOD BLESS YOU.

The cats depend on these people for survival. They have taken care of them for 11 to 15 years and have trapped, spayed, neutered, paid vet bills and fed them in all kinds of weather.

If the cats survived this past horrible winter we had, they deserve to live and be left alone.

Our family has rented a shelter for family reunions, but will no longer do so or make donations to the park.

We never saw a cat all the times we were there.

If you don’t like animals or cats . . . it’s your loss.

Jackie Gretzinger

St. Clairsville