Criminal or Hero?

Dear Editor,

Published reports indicated that Sergeant Bergdahl walked away from his platoon under his own power, and into enemy hands. He remained for five years. Was he educating our foes? Was he really a prisoner? Was he a guest …..?

He was a deserter, and, six soldiers were killed while searching for him.

He faces a hero’s welcome in his home town.

How about the six soldiers killed in the search? He is surely responsible. What welcome will they receive?

Note: In years past, he could have been court martialed, and, if convicted, face a firing squad or hanging. Should that apply today?

William J. Patsche

St. Clairsville

Memorial Day

Dear Editor,

“Memorial Day” is a special day for me.

When I place a wreath on the simulated grave, I feel I am doing it for my precious brother I lost in World War II.

The speaker in?Bellaire honored the American Legion, he honored the V.F.W. but for some unexplained reason, forgot to mention the Disabled American Veterans.

Are we not a part of this celebration? Is this how you honor the ones who gave their lives and the ones who came back physically unable to take care of themselves; and, many are in hospitals for life?

I did not appreciate the treatment we received, neither did the members of the DAV and DAVA.

May we look forward to a little respect next year?


Elsie A. Bizzari

In honor of my brother,

Terondino “Bud” Battistone