Dear Editor,

The federal Environmental Protection Agency’s new rule demanding a 30 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from existing coal-fired power plants comes on the heels of other short-sighted regulations from the agency that has resulted in shuttered coal-plants across the country.

During our recent bitterly cold winter, American Electric Power (a major utility here) relied heavily on coal-burning generators to meet the additional demand for electricity. AEP says many of those plants will be closed in the near future because of the EPA’s rules.

The end result of all this is, it will be harder for utilities to meet demand during extreme weather, and power will cost more all the time because coal is historically our most inexpensive fuel for power generation.

The EPA is leading us toward another economic cliff. We must demand that more sensible forces in Washington seize the initiative and put a stop to this.

The EPA is “Ending Prosperity in America”.


Shirley Dietrich