Park Levy

Dear Editor,

Just over a year has passed since St Clairsville voters went to the polls and supported the Memorial Park Levy as well as the St Clairsville School Levy. All those yes votes truly mattered.

Memorial Park continues to thrive as the location for play dates and picnics for toddlers, celebrations in pavilions for recent graduates and baseball games galore.

As for St Clairsville Schools, the elementary building upgrades have been abundant, including a new roof, windows, exterior doors and security recording devices all in place.

Thank you again to all the voters who grasped the vital importance of these levies to our community. Every day of the year, whether at the park or in a school building, your yes vote continues to make the lives of St Clairsville residents better.

Andrea “Dre” Ketter

  • St.?Clairsville